All Weather Resin Wicker

All Weather Resin Wicker

All-Weather Resin Wicker for Highest Expectations

Resin wicker, which is made mostly of synthetic fibers, was designed primarily for use in outdoor furniture. While it looks very similar to rattan wicker, it is much more durable than its alternative. Natural rattan has been used for a very long time in the creation of beautiful woven furniture, but it does have its downfalls: this kind of material, when used for furniture, requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was made. The plastic counterparts create furniture with incredibly similar looks, but without the maintenance needed. Synthetic versions of rattan are incredibly durable and will allow you to enjoy the furniture for many seasons.
Originally used for making baskets and furniture, rattan is incredibly sturdy yet has high elasticity. Rattan is woven into wicker furniture leading to especially comfortable chairs and couches you dream of sitting on to spend your beautiful summer days. On the downside, the natural wicker does not hold up so well against the natural elements so it is usually found only in sunrooms where it won’t be exposed.
On the other hand, resin wicker looks exactly like natural wicker but has the added benefit of being resilient against the elements. The synthetic fibers in resin wicker, made of polyethylene, make this material durable, adverse to UV ray damage, and it will not show any damage from humidity or water. Unlike traditional wicker, where the color is painted onto the material, resin wicker has the color built right into the fibers. As a result of this, the color on resin wicker furniture stays vibrant for much longer, and the furniture looks magazine worthy for the entire time you own it. This kind of material also helps to keep the furniture comfortable and stable which is what wicker furniture’s reputation has been built on.
Resin wicker is very low maintenance, and any cleaning can be done easily by hosing down the furniture. As an added bonus the color on resin wicker furniture won’t be damaged by UV rays so the paint never needs to re-applied.

Resin Wicker in the Environment

Our manufacturers use 100% recyclable resin wicker in all Velago patio furniture. Since the furniture has such a long lifespan it makes it a great investment for your outdoor space. Knowing this about the furniture it’s no wonder resin wicker has become the furniture choice for pool-side loungers, deck chairs, outdoor couches and even dining sets. With new designs that fit into a modern lifestyle, resin wicker furniture has become increasingly popular and is the new trend for summer entertaining, dinner parties and lazy summer afternoons.

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