Outdoor Umbrellas

Enjoying the warm weather is one of the very best things about summer, but sometimes that sun is just too hot. Not everyone wants to sit and bake, or be exposed directly to the sun. A great patio is made so much more enjoyable when you have a shaded spot to enjoy it in, and Velago knows there’s no better way to create some shade than with an outdoor umbrella.

Whether you’re hosting dinner or enjoying a quiet afternoon to yourself, an umbrella will always make your outdoor space a little more enjoyable and give you a break from the scorching temperatures summer can bring. Velago is proud to offer a wide range or freestanding umbrellas to make sure you can get the most from your outdoor space this summer, no matter how you’re planning to enjoy it.

You can choose an umbrella that either has a pole in the center or an offset hanging umbrella. Both options come in various colours and you can either match it to your new Velago patio set, or find something to compliment your existing one.

When it comes time to buy your new patio umbrella, take a look at our inventory. We offer online purchasing and we ship to anywhere in the US, so that new umbrella is only a few clicks away.

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