Patio Furniture Accessories


Your outdoor living space has all the furniture you want, but maybe it just looks like is missing something. Maybe you’re thinking a fire pit would be really fun, or a neat storage space to put all the pool supplies when you aren’t using them would be useful. Velago is proud to offer you a variety of accessories for your outdoor space to make it complete, functional and still stylish.

Here are just a couple categories we offer a variety of accessories in:

Cushion Boxes – these will keep your outdoor cushions looking fresh and clean any time you need to use them. They are sturdy and will keep your cushions protected against the elements.

Covers – this is an alternative to cushion boxes if you’d rather just protect the whole piece of furniture, for the winter perhaps. Velago offers a variety of shapes and sizes for furniture covers, so you will be able to find the perfect match to protect your outdoor furniture.

Accessories will add so much to the look and feel of your outdoor space which is why Velago Patio Furniture should be the first stop on your list. We offer such a variety that we confident you’ll find exactly what you need, and we can fit a variety of budgets. We offer shipping across the US, too.

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