Indoor Sofas

For most homes, especially in rooms where we spend a lot of time, sofas are the focal point of the room and often where the biggest investment has been made.

With sofas, size is important. If it’s too big for the space it will take over anything else you put in there but if it’s too small it will look really out of place. To ensure it looks like it fits there should be about 7 feet between your sofa and your television, and then about 18 inches between your sofa and your coffee table.

It’s also really important to consider the quality of the piece you’re buying. No matter how you use the sofa – curling up with a good book, for kids to watch television on after school or for some good afternoon napping – you will want a sofa that won’t show the wear after only a few months. Make your investment count.

We have a fantastic selection of all styles of sofas and all are competitively priced to ensure your new sofa matches your style, needs and budget with a quality made piece.

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