Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Frames – Best Materials for Patio Furniture

Velago’s outdoor patio furniture is made with quality aluminum frames. This material is increasingly popular in the building of outdoor furniture for a variety of reasons. The best, and potentially most prominent, reason is that aluminum is resistant to showing signs of corrosion. In other words, it will not rust, even when it’s been exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time. Further, this material is easily welded into various shapes and is incredibly lightweight, but it is still very stable despite how lightweight it is.

Due to being so strong and lightweight, it is a very popular material used when manufacturing sports equipment, especially road bikes. With this in mind, Velago aims to have the same durable, stable structure that is present in sporting equipment. Using aluminum in the frame of our furniture allow us to deliver on the promise of strong, durable and long lasting furniture.

Another big advantage of using aluminum in our frames is that it’s naturally so flexible. If you bend aluminum, or accidentally dent it, you can fix it or bend it back, without breaking it or causing permanent damage, using the right process.

Velago’s manufacturers use aluminum in its furniture that is:

  • Corrosion free – it won’t rust
  • Solid & lightweight
  • Resilient to the elements like heat, rain, etc.
  • Low maintenance
  • Made of completely recyclable material

Aluminum has made its way into our homes for years. For example, look at the appliances we use in our kitchens: many modern ovens, dishwashers and fridges are made of aluminum. These often have a brushed steel look but are made of aluminum.

Stainless steel appliances give a home a much more modern look, but they are also much easier to maintain and keep clean. Further they are sturdy and durable, which means they are very attractive features to have in a home. Velago has taken that thinking and applied it to outdoor furniture: why wouldn’t you want to take the best of the inside and put it outside since your backyard is an extension of your home?

When it comes to outdoor furniture, wrought iron is a material more traditionally used. However, iron is incredibly heavy and requires yearly – if not more frequent – maintenance so it doesn’t rust. Not everyone wants that heavy of furniture or the task of maintaining it.

Alternatively, aluminum doesn’t heat up the same way when exposed to the sun so it won’t cause potential burns during the summer time. This is an issue with traditional iron furniture. Aluminum is somewhat more expensive than its alternatives but if you spend a lot of time outside during the summer it might be an investment that’s well worth it for you and your family. Our manufacturers have a lot of experience with welding aluminum frames and we are proud to offer durable and long lasting furniture with aluminum frames to our customers.

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