Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Why Does Velago use Tempered Glass on Its Patio Tables?

Glass, as a material for outdoor furnishings, is absolutely gorgeous. What’s more is that this material can be used in such a variety of ways that it makes it unlike any other option for a table top. When it comes to outdoor furniture, glass table tops have been used for a long time, and for good reasons: it provides a surface that is practically perfect for hosting dinner parties, having coffee with friends and even doing some office work during beautiful summer days. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and you can see any smudges or spills basically right away due to its complete transparency. The biggest benefit, perhaps, is that it doesn’t show wear like other materials even after years on your patio.

These benefits of using glass table tops are being combined with various patio furniture materials, especially wicker. The glass and wicker combined will give your furniture a look that is completely magazine worthy. Wicker tables with glass tops have many benefits over wicker alone. With 100% wicker furniture, the fibers are woven together, and these weaving creates a surface that isn’t a smooth as glass is. The weave does have some flexibility, but it makes it slightly unsafe for things like drinks or plates of food to be set on. If any food is spilled on the wicker furniture it can be incredibly hard to clean, so it’s recommended to use our glass table tops on these pieces of furniture. If you prefer not to have a glass top, then you should purchase serving trays to place on the wicker furniture to make the surface a little more steady.

Most customers prefer having a glass tabletop, long term, because it gives the wicker furniture a much more complete look and provides complete coverage of the surface of the table so you can use it when you’re hosting dinner parties or enjoying afternoon coffee with friends. It also makes the table look uniform and provides a much more even surface to make sure you get the most use out of your patio furniture.

For outdoor furniture, the glass used is always tempered – this is also sometimes called security glass. If it is impacted in any way, enough to cause sever damage, it will shatter, into millions of pieces, instead of cracking or breaking into shards like regular glass. This means, should the unthinkable happen, clean up is easier and, more importantly, safer so the threat of glass cutting into feet or hands while you sweep it up is greatly reduced.

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